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Stock Market Trader Desk
Stock Market Trader Desk

As a trader and investor, I’m constantly trying to make profitable stock trades and invest more wisely. I’m primarily looking for ways to increase returns, decrease risk, and to make smarter decisions.

One of the ways I make better trades and invest more wisely is through the use of various trading and investing tools. There are many great tools and web sites out there to help trading and investing research, such as R, Yahoo! Finance, Google Finance, and Wolfram Alpha, to name a few. Sometimes I’ll even create my own tools to use.

One of the tools I’ve created is the Stock Price Decline Checker which you can find on my GitHub.

The stock price decline checker tool checks a list of stocks to see if the price has declined a certain percentage from its maximum price over a specified number of days.

The goal is to identify primarily index ETFs that have declined substantially in price from their maximum values over the past few weeks or months, which could potentially signal a buying opportunity.

One way I use the stock price decline checker is to see if index ETFs such as QQQ, SPY, or DIA have declined significantly from their max prices over the past 2 months. To be more specific, I’ll run the stock price decliner checker to check if the index ETFs have fallen over 7.5% over the past 50 days. This kind of fall would indicate a substantial drop in the overall market price, such as a market correction, and to me this could signal a good buying opportunity.

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