ever2text: Migrating off of Evernote to Dropbox with Plain Text Files

Categories: Projects Python Technology
ever2text: Migrating off of Evernote to Dropbox with Plain Text Files tl;dr ever2text converts Evernote exports of notebooks and files to pure text files, stored in Dropbox. Why migrate off of Evernote? Evernote recently announced they were limiting the free tier of accounts to only 2 devices, and also substantially increasing the pricing of all of their plans. You can read their announcement here. I used Evernote on 5 devices, but I only used Evernote to take text notes.

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Jekyll with Clean URLs Hosted at Rackspace Cloud Files

Categories: Projects Python Technology Web Development
Jekyll with Human Friendly URLs I’ve been using Jekyll to generate static web sites and then hosting them on the Rackspace Cloud Files CDN which uses Akamai’s content delivery network (CDN). With Rackspace Cloud Files I have a CDN-enabled container and I have enabled my container to serve static web site files. This means I can use Rackspace Cloud Files with Akamai CDN to serve all my static web sites and I do not need to run or manage my own servers for web hosting.

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Auto-scale Rackspace Cloud servers with Fabric and Celery

Categories: Linux Projects Python Stock Trading Technology
Auto-Scaling Celery Workers with Rackspace Cloud Servers I have been working on an automated stock trading system for some time. Part of my automated trading system involves a lot of number crunching and calculations, such as for technical analysis and neural networks. Processing large amounts of data for thousands of stock tickers can be very time consuming and take a significantly long time to fully process the data. I have begun creating additional worker nodes so that I have more processing power available in order to complete the data processing and number crunching much faster.

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Download VMware Appliances and Templates

Categories: Linux Projects VMware
Here are 2 places you can download ready to use VMware appliances and operating system templates: VMware Technology Network – Appliances – straight from VMware.com VMware images at thoughtpolice.co.uk You’ll be able to find many different appliances and images. Some of the more popular downloads are: Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian), FreeBSD. Also check out VMware HOWTOs also at thoughtpolice.

MarketClouds.com: Stock Market Trading Clouds

Categories: Investing Projects Stock Trading Web Development
Indroducing Market Clouds – www.marketclouds.com – stock market activity and popularity indicator using clouds. I have developed a new tool to assist stock market traders and investors in finding the most popular and active companies traded on all of the stock market exchanges: Market Clouds. Market Clouds allows stock traders to quickly scan and identify the most actively traded and popular stocks, using different font sizes for levels of activity.

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