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My Website Portfolio. I am the sole webmaster and developer for the following websites. These websites cover a vast range of topics, from stock market trading to geographic internet data.

Current Sites

Trading Winner – My personal blog about my experiences trading in the stock market, and other stock market, financial, or business related items of interest. Categories include: stock trading, forex trading, growing investments, trading strategies, my thoughts on trading. You can check out my trading portfolio, or the list of stocks I am currently watching. Post a comment!

Investing Winner – My personal blog about my experiences investing. Covers stock market, currencies, real estate, mutual funds, bonds, and other investment avenues. Also has other stock market, financial, or business related items of interest. Categories include: investing, long term investing, real estate, gold, investing strategies, books, and a wealth of other financial information. Post a comment!

Geographic IP Location Information – Displays your IP address, location, and a Google Map of the IPs location. Enter other IP addresses to get the hostname and location information. I am working on some other features that people may find interesting or useful. Also soon I am going post the data I am using to pull up the geographic IP latitude and longitude locations. Type in a domain name to see what city, state, or country it is located in.

Stock Market School – A community driven, wiki based, place for people new to the stock market and stock trading can learn basic and advanced trading topics. Beginners can start with “Stock Market Basics” or “Choosing an Online Stock Broker” while more experienced traders and investors can study risk management, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.

Nicholas Kuechler – My personal website and a showcase of my portfolio of websites and various projects I am working on. You can also check out my resume and make me job offers. My personal site has now been converted to a WordPress blog for easy content management and a fresh new look and feel.

Past Sites

Market Clouds – Stock Market Trading Clouds. Market Clouds shows the popularity and activity of all stock market companies in all global stock market indices. Market Clouds shows a stock’s popularity and activity by giving a bigger font size to the most popular stocks. The least popular stocks have the smallest font sizes. Market Clouds makes scanning all stocks to easily and efficient find the most popular, actively traded stocks.

Disaster Planning Now – Prepare for the unexpected. Disaster Planning Now provides tips, guides, and resources for disaster planning and emergency preparedness. Planning for the next disaster is necessary for survival, DisasterPlanningNow can help you plan for catastrophes and react in a prepared and planned way. This site helps you prepare by providing products and information for proper preparedness. You can also learn how to make a survival kit from an Altoids box.

Enhanced Networks Stock Market Research – Stock market research, analysis, and tools I have put together to help myself and others trade more efficiently. Features include: daily watchlist, daily market summary, stock screener, quotes and charts, and enhanced stock analysis. Other features include RSS news and price feeds for stock symbols, and my list of recommend books on investing and trading. These are books I own and have read.

Enhanced Charts – View Enhanced stock market charts with technical analysis indicators. Indicator list is vast and includes all the popular ones: MACD, ADX, RSI, SAR, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, etc. You can also view Enhanced TinyCharts – small charts plotting the past week that allow you scan a large number of charts for your patterns. Recently added business and investing news feed from Google Business News and Yahoo! Finance News.

Enhanced Stock Trading Systems – I have developed fully automated stock market trading systems. EnhancedStocks contains my research, methodologies, and trading & investing stragies. Also shows complete watchlist and trades my systems are making. All trades are currently simulated and not yet trading real money. EnhancedStocks automated trading systems have been trading for almost 1 year. Currently, 3 out of 4 trading systems are profitable. Some trades are great and some are not so great. The losses, however, are reduced by risk management and tight stop loss prices.

OTC Movers – Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) Stock market research and trading community page. Check out the popular OTCBB stock screener which scans for OTCBB stocks that fit your criteria. Another popular feature is the Increased Liquidity list of OTCBB stocks whose market liquidity has increased (more buyers and sellers), and may be ready for a run up. Other features include smallcap news, watchlists and OTCBB forums.

EnhancedTrader – Data, Software, and Services to help stock traders manage their data and make better trades. Stock market data, such as historical prices and symbols lists are available for download. Also in development is a Windows based application, EnhancedTrader, to help traders beat the market. Each day my list of stock market symbols for NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTCBB exchanges are published on EnhancedTrader.

Spammed Stocks – Spammed Stocks – The Pump and Dump Chronicles. This blog contains stock market spam emails I have received. I am chronicling these spams and making them publicly available so other traders and investors will not be tricked into buying these spammed pump and dump stock market scams. Warning: do NOT buy any stocks that you receive spam emails for. Spammers get paid money or shares of the company to spam and promote the stock. The spam emails are a scam.

Enhanced Bots – Enhanced Stock Market bots are developed to assist traders wading through scores of data to find stocks that meet their criteria. These bots are located on online chat networks and have many interactive commands for traders to use. Another feature is a vast, searchable log archive of stock related chat text. Now you can see what other traders are saying about stocks. EnhancedBots currently track over 4000 users and contain over 150,000 chatter messages.