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Current Projects

I constantly try to develop my ideas in to real, usable web sites and applications. Below you can find some of my current projects.

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Stock Market Trading and Investing

Currently, my primary focus is on the stock markets and foreign exchange (forex) trading. I’m always creating new tools and programs to help me trade more efficiently and more profitably. I have a lot of stock market related data, such as historical price and volume for thousands of stocks. Making sense of the sheer amount of data I have can be difficult. My projects allow me to data mine my databases of information and put this data together in unique, intelligent ways, so that I can find stocks I like or find new stocks that may make profitable trades for me.

Athena Strategy Trading –

Athena Strategy Trading is my fully automated stock market trading system. The system analyzes every stock traded in US markets and creates ratings and predictions on where those stocks are headed.

Trading Winner – is my web site dedicated to stock trading tutorials, information, resources, and more.

Investing Winner – is my web site for long term investigating, saving, and becoming financially independent.

Geo IP Address Location Tool – – The geographic IP address location tool will display your IP address, hostname, and the general geographic location — the city, state, country, or region — of your IP address.

Geo Domain Info – – The geographic domain information and location tool. Enter a domain name, and Geo Domain Info will display a map with the domain owner’s location along with some additional information about the domain, such as the domain’s WHOIS information, server IP address and host location, and more.

Learn Trading – – articles, tutorials, and resources for learning how to trade stocks online.

Stock Market School – – everything you need to know to learn about the stock market and investing.

Left Hand Firearms – – As a left-handed person and a shooting sport enthusiast, I found it difficult to find firearms made for left handed people. I like firearms with left handed ejection ports, lefty safeties, left-hand magazine release, and left-hand slide release. I’ve created a complete list of left-handed firearms for other southpaws like me to browse and search for lefty friendly firearms.