Past Projects

Stock Market Screeners

Working on making my NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTCBB stock screeners more user friendly, and search for more data. Interested in the number of trades for each stock and checking for increasing or decreasing number of trades. The number of trades is the actual number of orders that has been placed, not the daily volume data.

Enhanced Stock Market Portfolio

I have added the ability for my members to create and manage their own stock market portfolios. I call this Enhanced Portfolio. I have also created a service allowing them to put their Enhanced WebFolio on their own blogs and web pages, allowing them to show off their stock market plays and picks.

Stock Market Trading Clouds

Market Clouds – Stock Market Trading Clouds. Market Clouds shows the popularity and activity of all stock market companies in all global stock market indices. Market Clouds shows a stock’s popularity and activity by giving a bigger font size to the most popular stocks. The least popular stocks have the smallest font sizes. Market Clouds makes scanning all stocks to easily and efficient find the most popular, actively traded stocks.

Virtual Machines

I have been using virtual machines (VM / VPS / VDS) servers extensively recently. I use them for a number of different tasks. Some of my VMs perform crucial functions such as my web server or email server. I also setup a number of lab environments to test and learn different technologies, such as database clustering, web server clustering, and email server clustering. Virtual machines allow me to quickly add new nodes with default configurations, and to easily migrate a node from one physical server to another. For a server administrator, I see VM’s taking a leading, necessary role in server and services management.