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Nicholas Kuechler is my name. This is my personal website. I use it to keep track of my life and important things I need to remember.

Some things about me:

Internet/Technology: I have been working in the IT industry for 11 years now, mostly for ISPs and Web Hosting companies. I have also developed numerous programs and applications for my personal use; things to help me navigate and manage my online experience more efficiently. I have also contributed to some open source software projects, such as AIStockBot, an artificial intelligence stock trading system.

Stock Trading: I have been trading stocks online for a few years now. For me, stock trading is a hobby that I am growing into a successful business. Stock trading helps my brain stay nimble, as quick and critical thinking are requirements for successful trading. I have a blog dedicated to stock trading activities, Trading Winner.

Investing: Investing is a completely different state of mind than stock trading. I have heard that not many people can be successful in both trading and investing, since trading and investing are very different from eachother. Like apples and oranges, or basketball and golf. I’ve studied trading and investing for years, and my goal is to be successful at both. So far I’m doing alright. I have a blog dedicated to my financial investing activities, Investing Winner.

Websites: Developing websites that other people find useful and resourceful is a passion of mine. The list of websites I created and own is extensive and growing. The websites I have made span many topics, from stock trading and financial investing, to online geographic data tools and Chuck Norris. My websites focus on the things I am most interested in. You can find information about artificial trading and automated trading systems, take a break and watch some funny movies. My Website Portfolio.

More to come.