Experimenting with Sedo Parking

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What Is Sedo Parking?

SedoParking.com allows you to park your unused domain names and earn money. Sedo also allows you to sell your domain names with the asking price of your choice.

Each visitor to your domain name hosted at Sedo Parking will see a “parking” page full of advertisements and a search box. You can select the keywords you want your domain associated with (eg. Trading, Business, etc.), as well as 3 categories your domain name or web site should be listed under.

You get paid each time a visitor clicks an advertisement on your domain’s parked page.

My Experiment with Sedo Parking

I own a lot of domain names and the majority of them are not currently being used. Some of my domain names are in use, but not being used effectively. My experiment with SedoParking is to see how well SedoParking performs in terms of impressions (hits or visitors to the site), and Sedo’s pay outs for ad clicks.

Currently I have 9 domain names listed as SedoParking.com. I have just added these domains and I have yet to see any real or useful statistics information.

The goal of my experiment is to gain statistical information regarding the click-through, pay out, and impression performance of parked domain names. I have many questions and this experiment should help to answer most or all of them.

Some questions I have: Is it better to park an unused domain or to develop a site quickly / cheaply / poorly? How much money will Sedo generate for my parked domains? How does Sedo compare with other domain parked services? I cannot find out the answer to how Sedo compares with other services until I sign up with a competing service such as GoDaddy and park one of my domains there.

Why SedoParking?

SedoParking.com seems to be the premier domain name parking service in which you, as the domain owner, receives a majority of the advertisement revenue your domain name generates.

I have also listed each domain as being “for sale” with the maximum price allowed, which is $10,000. As a domain name seller you have absolutely no obligation to sell your domain. But, if someone offers me $10,000 for some of my domains I would be heavily inclined to sell. 🙂

Also, SedoParking.com displays ads using Google’s advertising service. Google is the king of internet advertising. I display Google ads on some of my other websites using my Google AdSense account. I would like to see how well Sedo and Google ads perform on these parked domains – part of my experiment.

My Initial Thoughts on Sedo

The account creation process is extremely simple and there are no setup fees whatsoever for the domain parking and domain selling services. No initial fees is a definite plus.

The domain management page displays a lot of stats and you can customize your view. I am currently using a customized view which displays the following: domain name, current keyword, unique views, clicks, $ per click average, click rate, and total revenue. These items are displayed for each domain name I have parked, allowing me to compare different domains, keywords, and categories and how they perform against one another.

  • SedoParking.com – park your domain names and earn money
  • Google AdSense – display Google AdSense ads on your website or blog
  • GoDaddy – register new domains, park domains, many additional services