Stock Market Trading Clouds

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Indroducing Market Clouds – – stock market activity and popularity indicator using clouds. I have developed a new tool to assist stock market traders and investors in finding the most popular and active companies traded on all of the stock market exchanges: Market Clouds. Market Clouds allows stock traders to quickly scan and identify the most actively traded and popular stocks, using different font sizes for levels of activity.

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Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity

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I have many thoughts and feelings about “luck”, especially in relation to stock market trading and investing. Cruise over to my stock market trading blog, Trading Winner, and read my thoughts on luck, probabilities, and how people mis-use the term “luck”. Read the full article: Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity.

About Nicholas Kuechler

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Nicholas Kuechler is my name. This is my personal website. I use it to keep track of my life and important things I need to remember. Some things about me: Internet/Technology: I have been working in the IT industry for 11 years now, mostly for ISPs and Web Hosting companies. I have also developed numerous programs and applications for my personal use; things to help me navigate and manage my online experience more efficiently.

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